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What is SOAR!?

SOAR! is a new scholarship that is not only going to change the lives of three women, but breathe hope and encouragement into people across the nation.



Submit your SOAR! Application and SOAR! video by Monday, December 20th, 2010! Winners Announced Mid January 2011!

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I’m very fired up to show it to anyone. It makes me so satisfied your vast understanding and wisdom have a new channel for trying into the world.
Albert Coffman's avatar

Albert Coffman · 16 weeks ago

Motivation is a thing that keeps you engage to take steps towards their goals. The motivation can be enhance with the help of appreciation.
I used to be also than resilient to research extrinsic this internet-article. I wanted to allows in your amble for this glorious comprehend!! I positively enjoying every diminutive item of it too I have you bookmarked to restrain absent fledgling effort you website pierce.
I'm amazed, I fungus express. Seldom do I befall latest a blog that’s equally educative extreme pleasing, likewise missing a insecurity, you save smash the apprehend on the understanding. The scrape is something nears narrow persons are speaking intelligently about. I am quite jubilant that I stumbled brainwash this everywhere my mount for something relating to this.
I hope the program continues! The explosion of smartphone cameras really means more photos than ever. People need some skills, but that's for another discussion! - Sid R, webmaster, Best Digital Camera
I wish you luck Mrs W. I enjoy going through the videos
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Soar! is closed for 2013?! Sadness. If only I had had the courage sooner...
Laura Beth's avatar

Laura Beth · 111 weeks ago

Is there going to be another soar scholarship for 2013? A friend saw Ma Ra at her local church and knows of my struggles and dreams of someday owning a photography business of my own and felt that this was something she needed me to check into. Thanks so much any info would greatly be appreciated! I would love to apply for such a wonderful opportunity!
I just logged in this website and see this from years ago. It is 2013!
Submit your SOAR! Application and SOAR! video by Monday, December 20th, 2010! Winners Announced Mid January 2011!
This is awesome. I'm a professional and I have a client who would be perfect for this opportunity! I have given her your web site information and maybe this will be something that she can do the next time around. (I didn't see a date for the competition anywhere)
This is sexist. I am not a woman, but I would like to have a photography business of my own as well.
wow this looks AMAZING! I'm still reading over everything and loved watching some of the movies. Is there going to be a Soar scholarship again next year? (winter of 2011-2012) I want to apply and get this so bad! It would be an amazing experince that is much needed! Thanks for doing such a great thing Me Ra Koh!
hello,I am from Bosnia anh Hercegovina. I saw your works in the Natan's show, and I remain fascinated by the photos :) good job :))
Karen Buckley's avatar

Karen Buckley · 238 weeks ago

Who's got a great dream for a business you want to grow? We are so excited to be working with the next SOAR! recipients as coaches - helping you, and the entire community, learn how to build your businesses. And, BTW, this is YOUR business - so we'll be working with you to build one that really uses your strengths and shores up your weaknesses. Are you ready?
1 reply · active 221 weeks ago
Wow! What a GREAT opportunity. I only wish I had found this earlier, during the application period.
1 reply · active 229 weeks ago
Check out my comments on Me ra's SOARity Blog.
I just found out about this. I wish I had seen this a month ago! Maybe next year?
So excited to see everyone's entries. And nervous about submitting my own. Again. :D Yes, I'm hoping that the second time around will hit the spot. LOL.

Good luck everyone.

I support SOAR!
2 replies · active 236 weeks ago
virginia smith's avatar

virginia smith · 236 weeks ago

I just realized my video is too long and I am disqualified...I can't sleep because my company left home into dangerous weather conditions and I haven't heard from them. I wish I had known about this scholarship with more notice but I guess it's time to work hard on my own...:(
Katarina Tchakarov's avatar

Katarina Tchakarov · 236 weeks ago

I need help to upload my video !!!! please !
Jeannie Greenwald's avatar

Jeannie Greenwald · 236 weeks ago

i am stuck in the application process on the last step - the talent release. it seems my computer won't let me scroll down so that I can complete that page! help! anyone else have this problem?
The Soar Scholarship that was born in the heart of Mera last year was a life line for me this last year. Like many of you my life took unplanned turns throughout the year, but it was so fun to wake up and see what the Soar Sisters were up too each day. Their kindness to share knowledge, mistakes, ideas, and creativity astounded me. The Soar Program reached far more than three recipients this year, it reached hundreds of us, teaching, coaching, and encouraging us to dream a dream and to walk forward a day at a time to reach that dream. It also reached into our artistic hearts and more importantly it created friendships that I am so grateful for and with women I have never even met. I don't know what I would do if photography was not in my life, but the relationships that have been developed on this site has made photography for me more meaningful. I thank Mera, Brian, and the whole team, Genie, Fay, Karen, Sony, Sponsors, for investing in so many women's lives, especially mine. I SUPPORT SOAR!!!!!!
If you are having problems uploading your video file, the check out the forum to see how to resolve the issue:

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